2016 - 2017 IAEMSC Board of Directors

Paul Brennan (MA)

President Elect
Chief Peter Dworsky (NJ)

Immediate Past President
James Robinson (CO)

Vice President
Chief Brendan Kearney (MA)

Chief Christian Callsen (TX)

Chief Daniel Gerard (CA)

Directors At Large
Chief James Brothers (MD)
Chief Robert McCaughan (PA)
Chief Darren Sandbeck (Alberta, Canada)
Chief Scott Cormier (IN)
Chief David Mitchell (CO)
Chief Andrew Wordin (CA)

Congratulations, Chiefs Mellow and Sandbeck!

IAEMSC Director at Large Randy Mellow was recently elected as the President of the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada. We are so excited for Chief Mellow to earn this prestigious honor, as it is a testament to his leadership and commitment to EMS. Our relationship with the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada is as strong as it has ever been and having Chief Mellow as the President will hopefully only strengthen it.

Per the IAEMSC bylaws, a member of the board may not serve in an officer capacity of in any other national organization related to a functional area of EMS while serving as an elected officer of IAEMSC thus removing any perception of conflict. As such, Chief Mellow has resigned his position as a Director At Large. I have appointed, with approval of the Board of Directors, Chief Darren Sandbeck, long-time IAEMSC supporter and Senior Provincial Director/Chief Paramedic for Alberta Health Services EMS, to fill Chief Mellow’s seat for the remainder of his term. Please welcome Chief Sandbeck to your Board of Directors.

IAEMSC Releases Position Statement on H.R. 1300

The IAEMSC supports the First Responder Anthrax Preparedness Act (H.R. 1300) and its goal of allowing first responder access to Anthrax Vaccine Absorbed (AVA) from the Strategic National Stockpile. H.R. 1300 is responsible and vital legislation that would provide access to critical protective medical countermeasures for EMS providers. The Act provides a mechanism to support the personal health and safety of EMS providers who have the responsibility to care for patients in circumstances and environments that are potentially threatening to them, such as response to anthrax related acts of terrorism and other emergencies. We also support the intelligence, information sharing and educational components of the Act, supporting first responders’ informed decision making on participation.


The full statement may be found in Position Papers section of the website as well as in the file repository in the members section.

Welcome to the new and improved IAEMSC site

We are pleased to present the new website to the membership. We hope the new functionality will better meet your needs. The site has a robust members only file library, a discussion forum and more.